Silverton Together


Programs, Projects & Classes

Silverton Together is involved in a number of specialized programs, projects and classes, covering a broad range of relevant community topics and needs. Click on one of the links below to learn more about specific programs.

  • Parenting Programs
    Silverton Together aks: "Why seek out training for your job as parent?" It is Because parenting is the most important work you'll ever do! Check out our core beliefs about parenting.
  • Community Connection Program
    The Community Connection Program is a community outreach program that advances Silverton Together's mission of personal, family and community wellness by supporting individuals and families and assisting them in gaining access to needed services and connection with community resources.
  • Services Co-ordinating Committee
  • Community Partnership Projects
    Check out the quarter century's worth of Programs in which Silverton Together has initiated, sponsored, supported, or partnered with to bring a variety of events, celebrations, and enrichment activities to the greater Silverton community.