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The programs and services at Silverton Together are made possible by an income mix that includes funding from federal, county and private grants and your generous donations. For your convenience, Silverton Together can accept your donations through the PayPal "Donate" Button above; or, donate through an Automatic Withdrawal plan from your financial institution where you can designate that $10, $20, $50, any amount you prefer, be withdrawn from your  account on a monthly basis... simply contact Silverton Together to set up this secure plan. 

Silverton Together is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. 

Our legal title is: Silverton Together, Inc. and our tax ID number is #93-1018660.

Planned Gifts Help Plan for the Future

The most basic way of planned giving is through your Will.  A legal Will is the best known way to be sure your wishes are carried out. You actually can save extra estate settlement expenses for your family if you have a valid Will - but most of us don't have one!

Since Planned Gifts most often need the services of an attorney or financial professional to prepare, and most of these gifts are tied to the donor's death and estate, it's difficult to bring up this topic. The summary below gives you a brief overview of what is considered a Planned Gift and how to use this method to benefit your estate and Silverton Together.

Donations by Planned Gifts can be made using: 

  • Appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate property: By giving shares of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate to Silverton Together your tax deductible gift can also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.

  • Insurance Policy, IRA or Retirement Plan Beneficiary: If your current beneficiaries no longer apply, designate the policies, accounts or funds to Silverton Together. If the Policy or account is owned by Silverton Together, it then is not included in your total Estate that is subject to inheritance taxes.

  • Charitable Remainder or Lead Trusts: You can use cash or appreciated stocks or property to fund Trusts that will provide a designated income source for you and/or your loved ones. Trusts can be structured for either an immediate or deferred pay out to you or your beneficiaries over a number of years. Silverton Together then receives either the balance of the trust or initial payments upon completion of the Trust.

  • Charitable Bequest in your Will: You may name Silverton Together to receive a bequest through your Will. This positively affects the inheritance taxes on your estate. You can choose to state a specific gift amount, provide a percentage, or assign the remainder of your estate. Your valid Will should be reviewed and updated as needed, especially if your family or financial situations change.
Using one of the Planned Giving options listed above may positively impact your current taxes, reduce potential capital gains or inheritance taxes. In structuring all Planned Gifts it is important for you to consult your legal/financial advisor on its deductibility or impact on your particular financial situation. To ensure that your gift reverts to Silverton Together, we suggest the following wording in your Will or any Trust document:

"I devise to (or Upon the Dissolution of this Trust) (or make as Beneficiary) Silverton Together, an Oregon Non-Profit Corporation, the sum of $_______ (or the _____% of the Estate) (or all the rest, residue and remainder of my Estate or Trust) to be used for carrying out its mission."

No matter what type of support you provide for Silverton Together, your gifts mean that the more than 3,800 students in 13 schools and a population of approximately 18,000 people each year can receive benefits from our Parenting Program, After-school Enrichment Classes, Mentoring Program, Indoor Park, Community Connector Program, and more. For more information on ways to support Silverton Together or how a Planned Gift can benefit both you, your taxes and our programs, call  Silverton Together at (503) 873-0405.