Silverton Together


Sponsored Events and Special Community Drives
COMMUNITY PICNIC CELEBRATING  2017FAMILIES - 4th Friday in August (25 August 2017)

Silverton Together’s first family event was the "Celebrate families" Community Picnic in August of 1993. Silverton Together continues to host the family picnic for the Silverton Community. There are many partners that make this event possible:

Silverton Senior Center provides entertainment, craft activities, games, and music, food is prepared and served by the Silverton Kiwanis, the city and the YMCA provide free swimming, Portrait Express provides free family photos, there are free books from Silverton Together’s “Silverton a Community that Reads” Program.

The purpose of the drug and alcohol free event is to bring families together prior to the beginning of school and to celebrate all of the great work that has been done in our community to promote the health and well-being of our children, families and community. All of the volunteers, business leaders and organizations join together to make this day memorable and enjoyable for the entire community.