Silverton Together


Partnership Program

Since 1993 we have initiated, sponsored, supported, or partnered to bring a variety of events, programs, celebrations, and enrichment activities to the greater Silverton community.

The following represent a sample of the
Programs we have partnered with in the Silverton community:

Parish Nurse's Health & Wellness Fair * Child Safety Prevention Education Project * Silverton Arts Association Park House Project* Parent Volunteer Childcare Program * Indoor Park * Project Aware Fire Safety Project * Silverton Peer Court State & Regional Conferences * Silverton Community AED Project * Silverton Poetry Festival * Silverton Fine Arts Festival Children's Area * Project Read * Silverton Si Si Puede Housing & Finance Fair * Silverton HIgh School's Las Aguilas Club-Hispanic Student Leadership Conference * Monitor School Spanish Language Literacy Program * Silverton English Language Learner Class Scholarship * Russian Speaking Youth Leadership Conference * Adaptive Horseback Riding for Children with Special Needs * Mark Twain School Alcohol Poster Contest * "My Anti-Drug Mural" Project * Community of Readers * Civics Education-Classroom Law Project * ESL Childcare Program * Mark Twain School/Oregon Business Partnership program * Academic Booster
Club * Aztec Dance After School Youth Program * Art After School * Community Outreach Clinic * Child Brain Development/Youth Librarian Reception * Silverton Area Community Aid * Reading Counts Program * Robert Frost Community School Hispanic Literature Program * "My Pet Project" * Puppets for Prevention * Water-Safe Kids Campaign * Tree of Giving * Robert Frost Community Garden * Hepatitis B Vaccination Program * ASAP * Angel of Hope *