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Sponsored Events and Special Community Drives

Growing Old Together - Original Art by Lori Webb (copyright)
CELEBRATION of CULTURES  - the 1st Friday in May 

Silverton Together's goal for our "Celebration of Cultures" events and programs is to raise awareness of the diversity that lies not only within our own community but the global community as well, and to celebrate that diversity.

Each year, we emphasize a varied range of programs that showcase various cultures through their food and arts, as well as through discussions, workshops and featured speakers who deal with both historical and current cultural issues. All aspects of the community - residents, students, businesses, and civic groups - participate in the planning and implementation of these events. 

"Respect for each others' cultural values and belief systems is an intrinsic part of cultural diversity. Lack of respect is often based on ignorance or misinformation. If you do not understand another's values, lifestyle, or beliefs, it is much easier to belittle them. And so the seeds of prejudice and intolerance are sown." (from "Cultural Diversity: Towards A Whole Society" adapted from an article by Mara Hurwitt)